Summer 2016!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!


Kidblog LOGIN

Please have your child log into KIDBLOG. This is where I will be having them write their summaries for homework, which will be required at least once a week. We will be using it more during class as they are taking notes and responding to text.


login (This is at the right corner)

click on the link or GO

find your name

: )

Homework for August 10, 2015

Read- 30 min

Time yourself for fluency (1 minute) record your time

Log reading by writing a summary using the template that is glued into the HW Notebook

Math sheet on rounding to the nearest ten using a vertical number line

Please make sure your name and date is at the top and math sheets are glued into your journal

: )


Hello Parents,

It was great seeing many of you at our Curriculum Night last Wednesday.  If you were not able to attend your child brought home their Dojo log in information and once you logged in please send back the bottom portion stating you read the information.

Homework journals have been checked and as a reminder I will continue checking them every Friday.  Inside of their journals they are to have the following each day.

  1. Homework assignment written
  2. Log in what they read. Example- Diary of the Wimpy Kid pg’s 32-51 total of 38 minutes. 
  3. Summary of what they read, using the template that’s stapled in their journal
  4. Math sheet glued into their notebooks

Name and date must be at the top right corner of each page : )

Congratulations to Angel, Samantha, and Jessica for turning in their homework journal complete : )

Homework should not take more then 50 minutes a night.  I can’t stress enough the importance of reading.  Please make sure your child is reading 30 minutes a night, and logging it into their notebooks.  Writing will come that much easier, when they read.  Math will come easier because they will be able to read the word problems, direction, and comprehend what to do.  Common Core Math is all about justifying your answers.

If you are in need to communicate I’m pretty responsive to text and emails.

Please be sure to ask your son/daughter each night what they’re learning in class.  If this week’s answer is nothing really, tell them to get out of  “The Pit” : ) They can explain that one to you… as well as

  • Can you tell me what’s happening to Jack, and why doesn’t want to write poems…
  • Who is in their book club or what book they are reading in independent reading. Talk about what type of notes they write on their sticky notes, are they mainly questions to ask to their group, or are they talking back to the characters?
  • Ask if they are able to subtract in different ways, round to the nearest 10’s, and break apart word problems using numbers, pictures, and words.
  • Why is it important to show kindness? How does the way we react to a situation matter the most?
  • What is their most memorable moment and why are they writing about that?

Staying connected to your child’s learning will help them internalize their day and help foster a deeper understanding of why they spend 7.5 hours a day in a classroom.  They are off to a great start…let’s keep the momentum going!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Paranada